Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun weekend.

So, I had a pretty great weekend. Friday I worked in the morning, then spent the rest of the day/night with my cousin. OK, that part was a bit shit, but whatever.

Chilled all day Saturday, and then went into the city with a mate for some comedy fun.

We started off seeing 'Crossing Over' which featured three comedians: Julia Clark, Don Romeo, and Chris North. Unfortunately, Don Romeo lacked good delivery and just wasn't very funny at all. Julia Clark and Chris North, however, were hilarious.

Once that finished at around 7, we ate and wondered around for a bit, before heading to Town Hall, and we got given some free tickets to Wilson Dixon.

I'd like to point out here that my friend, Hannah, got ID'd at the venue and I didn't. YAY! :P

Anyway, so Wilson Dixon. HILARIOUS! That's the sort of show I'd go see again.

He's a country singer from Cripple Creek, in Colorado, and his show was about his divorce, and how he went on a road trip with his dog, Biscuit, to get away from it all for a bit.
Lines like "I saw a sign that said 'End Roadworks'. I thought there was better things to be protesting about.." "Keith Urban? What kind of name is that for a country singer?..".

He had a hilarious story about his vindictive horse.
Right, after that, we had two hours to kick around until we went to Trade Aid, and we just walked around the city and had ice-cream. 

So, Trade Aid. It was pretty good. They covered Carole King's songs. Lot's of people there, I can hardly remember who, though. 

That went from 11.30 - around 2AM, and we stayed there for another hour or so dancing. Lot's of fun.

Mad hunt for KFC seating and taxi's. 

Han and I didn't get home til around 5ish. 

Slept for just over three hours, and I went to work. 
Less than two minutes after I walked in, we had a blackout. Power came back up and hour and a half later, so, I didn't have to do any real work until an 2 hours after I walked in. WIN!

Shift went alright. Saw my favourite crew person! Yay!

And yeah. That's all I remember, really.

Hope everyone else's weekend was good.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Excitement

So this weekend was all kinds of awesome for many reasons.

1. I earned some cash all day Saturday at work. (Obvious awesomeness)

2. Went down to Belgrave/Pakenham area to visit the family. So, got to see two aunties and half my cousins. Nothing better than paying $10 bucks to get out of the empty house and seeing family.

3. I got offered a paying photo job to do someone's Deb photos.

4. I've decided what to do with the holiday pay I've earned so far - buy an SLR camera - YAY!

5. Most importantly, I've been asked to go to America with a friend from work. Sweeeeeet
For obvious reasons, I'm most excited about this one. I've always wanted to go overseas, and to America especially. So any extra cash I'm earning (points above) will come in super handy. And camera will be awesome for taking photos overseas, and for earning extra cash in photo job. :D

So we're thinking about going in April/May next year. Flying into Maine, I think, and then roadtripping the rest, I think we're going from East coast all the way to West Coast. Sweet. So I need my P's.

And yeah. Excited.

Cheers, Alex.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I realised today that I've been happier these last couple of weeks than what I have the last I'd say 6 months or so.

This is good.

I think I can pinpoint it to:
> Spending time with friends :D
> More responsibilities and potential promotions at work - Makes me feel pretty good
> Parental units gone again! ^_^
> Saw the fabulous Tim Minchin and it was hugs galore
> I've also been eating more regularly, which isn't necessarily contributing to happiness, but it makes me feel much better, and less stomach-achy.
> I'm budgeting a bit more, so not stressing about bills, and able to go out and buy drinks for friends and actually GO OUT.
> The music I've been listening to lately has really just kicked it all up a notch.

But yes, I think, just going out, having a social life and seeing friends has made all the difference in the world. Less loneliness, more happiness.
(Hehehe, as I wrote that 'Precious Love' by James Morrison came on.. In fact:

I'm linking it up, because that pretty much describes the way I'm feeling... well without the love thing..)

Anyway, thought I'd share that..

Also, got heaps of housework done today, so pretty psyched about that.


Sunday, March 7, 2010


What are everyone's thoughts on joining an amish community..?


OK. So I decided to start a blog, because I was getting sick of not being able to put more into my twitter updates... And I've got a lot of stuff that I think about, and needed to get it out of my head and into the world.

So, happy reading. I'm not sure how often I'll update..or remember to update, but I'll try and do it weekly.